Cisco TelePresence Video Conferencing

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Cisco TelePresence at Fleming's

Fleming's is all about bringing people together. Now, with video conferencing technology, we can bring people together face-to-face, even while they're in different locations. Video conferencing offers:

  • Increased productivity while reducing the time and money associated with travel
  • Quicker decision making
  • Knowledge scaled across an organization
  • Unification of the organization
  • The personal and emotional benefits of face-to-face communication

Of all the video conferencing systems available, Fleming's has chosen to equip its Private Dining Rooms with the most advanced: the Cisco TelePresence system. No other restaurant offers this level of interpersonal communication technology. But when you compare it with typical video conferencing options, the advantages are clear.

It's not just a broadcast. It's a real conference.

There's one-way broadcast communications, and then there's Video Conferencing. With a broadcast, a person in one location "speaks" to any number of locations that connect to that broadcast channel — and the viewers can't speak back. A computer chat feature or a dial-in conference line may be available, but it's not integrated with the video technology.

Fleming's is the only restaurant that offers real, two-way Video Conferencing. This gives you live collaboration with others in the conference — as though you were all in the same room together. You can read each other's expressions. You can sense their level of enthusiasm. You can build relationships and collaborate easily in ways other systems can't facilitate.

Cisco TelePresence provides multiple connections across the country

With the Cisco TelePresence Video Conferencing system, all Fleming's Video Conferencing sites can be connected into one call. In addition, we can connect up to five other satellite sites anywhere in the world, using standard (.H323) protocols.

Exclusively at Fleming's

Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar is the only restaurant group to offer this video conferencing technology. The breadth and robustness of Fleming's video network is unique in the restaurant industry. As Internet cafés offered public access to electronic communications in the early '90s, Fleming's envisions making video conferencing accessible to everyone.

Solid technology

Fleming's offers video conferencing over a private Wide Area Network (WAN) provided by Verizon. With this configuration, Fleming's is able to maintain a wide bandwidth from restaurant to restaurant so the High Definition signal can be transmitted. Sending this same signal across the public Internet would put the end user at the mercy of multiple Internet providers over multiple layers of the World Wide Web, resulting in a spotty, unreliable quality signal.

Your conference can be yours to keep

Upon request, Fleming's can record your video conference to DVD, and have it delivered to the destination of your choice.

Come as you are — no special equipment required.

Whether you are hooking up a laptop to share a presentation with your colleagues, a slide projector to display shots of your new products, or a DVD player to show grandma the video of your baby's first steps, your Fleming's Private Dining Director will make the equipment you bring in work with the video conferencing system. Your audio and video content will reach everyone on the video call.

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